We want to make sustainable fashion default. We produce fashion shows that celebrate designers from around the world who are taking steps towards sustainability.

Sustainable fashion is about being kind to our environment, responsible with our resources and treating our garment workers like human beings.


1)   We are family

Our team is where the magic happens. We are a group who are passionate about positive change in the fashion industry. We believe that fashion is essential to enriching cultures but there is a better way to do things.

Whether it’s staff, interns, volunteers, industry professionals, suppliers or contractors, we want everyone to have an rewarding and inspiring experience with Undress. Making people smile is high on our agenda. We challenge you (and ourselves) to take risks and not live conventionally. It takes great people to make change in the fashion industry - and everyone can be great.

We’re into collaborations. Everyone working in sustainable fashion is on the same team, let’s keep our eye on the real goal - changing an industry to save lives and our planet.


2) Hiring at Undress

The Undress crew is a diverse group of people. We love difference! And we don’t discriminate. We base our hiring on the applicant's ability to do the job and how they fit into our team, not on their sexual preference, nationality, gender, religion, political views, age or disability.


3)   Keep your butts outside

Smoking can be a real pain in the butt to the people around you, please only smoke in designated smoking areas at Undress events.


4)   Be responsible

a)    Drugs

We want everyone to have a great time at our events. Please don’t supply or consume drugs on site as you may land in hot water and ruin the experience for others.

b)    Naughty waters

We love to party, but we like to do it responsibly. To join in you must be of legal drinking age (18+) and know your obligations in the service of alcohol and engage sensibly.


5)   Modelling Guidelines

a)    Age does matter

We select models who are 16-years-old and over.

b)    Love what you’ve got

We recruit models who have a positive and healthy body image. Confidence is important on the runway and we want everyone to feel happy in their own skin. Size alone does not determine a healthy, attractive model. Decisions are not based on measurements, but by tone and good vibes.


6) Understanding sustainability in fashion

We know it can be confusing to know what’s sustainable and what’s not. Where do we draw the line? To what degree is something sustainable?

Our friends at Clean Cut have absolutely nailed a universal ‘sustainable and ethical fashion’ definitions page, check it out: A really cool page of definitions