Introducing Our Campaign Crew

Meet our campaign crew!

On a cold, dark Monday morning in Melbourne, we arrived at Mutual Muse to prepare for our Pt. 1 Campaign Shoot. Jenna (a.k.a Ironic Minimalist) hosted us and pulled out the Spotify tunes to get the day going.

Tanya (a.k.a Hair by Tanya) styled the models’ hair and Daniel (a.k.a Daniel Tan) was our makeup artist. A brilliant due to work with 🙌

We then rolled on down to Batman Royale to capture our Pt 1 Campaign Shoot. This is the venue where the runway show will be in November - getting comfortable on that polished concrete floor.

The models fronting our campaign are Pacome, Vanessa, Ira and Yakubu. They vibed the vision and had great chemistry on set. Check out the official BTS (photographed by the lovely Mireia Martin).

We had a ball the entire morning, what a dream team!

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