Welcome To The Panel

Thank you to everyone came along on Thursday night to listen to our panelists discuss what will drive the future of fashion. We hope you took home some interesting ideas about the future. 

On the night, we explored how sustainability, gender equality, technology and design will drive the future of fashion. These are topics often discussed at Undress HQ in great length. We have found ourselves talking late into the night, exploring what the future looks like and how this beautifully complex world, that’s roughened by inequality, poverty and war, is going to play out. 

We thought we’d put down some questions from the Panel Night so you could explore in your own mind how you feel about the world. Also good over a glass of vino with friends. 

Keep an open mind when discussing these - no one knows what the future will be like so there are no right and wrong answers! 

A big thanks to Pure Pod for collaborating with us on the event. Thank you Kerri Moore for the photos from the night! Thank you to Up on Constance for hosting us. And a huge thank you to our panelists:

Nick Azar - The Great Beyond
Victoria Lai - FashHack
Lauren Shuttleworth - Words With Heart
Kelli Donovan - Pure Pod
Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita - QUT Design Lecturer

Enjoy the questions below!


  1. Is there a stigma attached to ‘sustainable fashion’ and will this change over the next 10 years? 
  2. How will smart textiles change the fashion industry over the next 50 years?



  1. What are some examples where technology has innovated the function of clothing?
  2. Are light-up clothes (Claire Danes @ the Met Gala) a gimmick or do they represent the future of fashion? 



  1. How do you see fashion driving a more gender equal world? And how is the rise of gender equality going to impact the fashion industry?
  2. Do you think strict gender dress codes are here to stay (high heels for women in workplaces, boy/girl school uniforms), or do you see them dissoling in the future?



  1. How do you think clothing fabric will change in the future?
  2. How will technology impact the role of a fashion designer? (Communication technology, design technology, transport technology)



  1. Our parents/grandparents sewed their own clothes. These skills are slowly disappearing today, how did we go from a local makers culture to a mass production culture (where young people wear Zara, Topshop and H&M like a uniform)? 
  2. Will everyone be wearing the same thing in the future? Or will there be more diversity in design and the everyday clothes people wear?


What does the future of fashion look and feel like to you?


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