Hi, my name is Monique and I am the operations and sustainability manager for VIHN (our new fashion label).

My role within Undress is more behind the scenes and focuses on management and planning.

I have worked with Undress for about a year, and mostly worked on various tasks for the runway shows and have also written an article for our 1st edition of Naked.

Currently I am also helping to find and contact designers to showcase in our massive 2015 events. Undress is showing in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, so if you know any student or emerging sustainable designers let them know!

This year I am also working on the launch of our latest venture, VIHN.

VIHN is a sustainable fashion label which will transform the lives of garment workers in Cambodia. The work I do for VIHN is mostly on establishing timelines, sourcing sustainable fabrics and ensuring the team that there process and materials are as sustainable as possible.

I am currently still studying Fashion and Management at QUT and this work has complemented my studies and skills and knowledge has helped elevate the brand strategy and message to our market.

If you would like to know more about VIHN visit http://startsomegood.com/vihn for more information or to donate :)

Thanks guys!