Hi, my name is Judith and I am the graphic designer for Undress Runways, the Creative Director for the Naked Magazine and, the fashion designer and production manager for VIHN. Basically, I deal with the creative and visual side of Undress.

Let me give you an update on what the Undress creative team is doing...

Undress Runways
The runway shows aren’t until October, but the work has already begun with photo shoots, show concepts and marketing material. We will be extra busy this year as we take our show to Sydney and Melbourne on top of our usual Brisbane show.

The Naked Magazine
This month we saw the release of Issue 2 for the Naked Magazine. We will be on the hunt for some exciting stories, interviews, eco/ethical fashion pieces and talent in the upcoming months for Issue 3. Next issue release will be in September.

We're launching a fashion label! This week we see the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, with contributions going toward the production of VIHN’s very first collection. This is especially exciting for me, as I will be working closely with our manufacturer in Cambodia to bring you some beautiful and unique garments that are ethical and eco friendly. This will be a spring/summer collection releasing at the end of this year.

It’s going to be a very busy year ahead for me and the team! You can keep updated through our Undress channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the Naked Magazine, our monthly newsletter and our website.



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