From the Marketing Manager:

Hello! My name is Holly and I’ve been on the Undress team since the early years (2012!).

I believe in sustainability, whether it comes from fashion or doing things more efficiently, it is the way of the future and something that everyone can jump on board with. I oversee marketing for Undress and want to create new ways of showing how people can integrate sustainability into their everyday life.

Recently, I have been working on restructuring the way we do things within the team. Better flow means more efficiency - and less work if everyone contributes a little in the right way. We will be able to bring you more tailored information with our team of writers who will produce regular news on what’s going on in the ever-changing sustainable space. You can check out our Undress channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the newsletter (coming soon) and website.

Into the future… The year ahead will be our busiest yet and we can’t wait to show you our hard work throughout the year in October - where we will showcase 3 shows in 3 cities - Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Being in Sydney for the first time will be a bit tricky to get the word about about this new sustainable runway on the block. We may need your help to tell all your Sydney friends to jump on board and support!!

In between now and then we’ll be producing photoshoots, videoshoots and mini events here and there. Hope to see you around and thank you for all your shares, likes and general support. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you!