A last minute change of location after a proper Brisbane deluge turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Undress Runways and their Swap Shoppe clothing exchange.

swap shoppe.jpg

Originally set to be a street style shopping experience until the tail end of winter saved its best for last and decided to throw an all-day rain party to keep the crowds in-doors and to turn every umbrella inside-out.

It was soon decided that people probably wouldn't want to swap wet clothes so the awesome Valley Fiesta team worked some magic and Cloudland opened their wooden doors to host the Valley Fiesta Swap Shoppe.

A line which stretched from doors to corner was soon unleashed and thus began a free-for-all not usually seen until More Than a Woman begins to play at closing time.

The turnout for the event particularly on such a cold and wet day was astonishing. Tokens and clothes were flying everywhere as 300 shoppers came to swap over 1200 clothes.

“It was so good to be inside, it got a bit crazy and it was a bit cosy, kind of like how you see in a sale scene in a movie” explained Swap Shopper and Brisbane Nurse Zoe Walls, 26.

“The clothes were cool, a good mix of vintage and pre-loved, but in the end I was just happy to give away my old clothes and have a look around”.

Things eventually wrapped up early for the Swap Shoppe with barely a singlet left on the racks only two hours later.

Maybe you too were happy to give away your unneeded clothes, or if you picked up a total steal (or five), the Undress Team and Valley Fiesta want to thank those who attended and helped make their wardrobe sustainable.

We'll keep you posted on the next one!