The day started at 7am.

That should give us plenty of time. Wrong. The day started with traffic and a wardrobe malfunction. The traffic was waited out with a some Triple J and deep breathing. The wardrobe malfunction – duct tape (of course).

We arrived on location, the crew already sweltering in the heat. Salka’s camera reflector doubled up as a fan, epic problem solving in action there, and we kicked off the 2012 photoshoot! Tess did a little rock climbing and found herself a little ledge to perch on. Ben didn’t travel as far, feeling quite comfortable on his bench.

New Farm Bikes gave us a funky ‘Electra Amsterdam Bike’ and Backwood’s Original made us a cute little bench. Thank you!

Ryan and Edda were given fabric throwing duty and threw the 5m long dress train into the air for a good hour. 3,2,1 THROW & RUN. If anyone needs professional fabric throw-ers… hi there.

Tess and Ben’s wedding was quickly discussed. Aren’t they wonderful?

Next: promotional video. After a few attempts at puzzling the models onto one bike we found a successful position. Michael jumped on a make-shift camera dolly (a skateboard) and filmed the models navigating over speed bumps. We crossed the line (a big filming boo-boo) several times throughout the afternoon (we’re just keeping things interesting) but wrapped it up – all in time for a last minute photoshoot.

We ended the day with a quick shoot by the river. Ryan and Edda resumed fabric-throwing duty and nearly sent themselves into the water.

Then we finally wrapped it up after being hassled by a number of wedding photographers wanting our position. We know where the goods are!