It was a Friday night. You rushed home from work, threw on your sustainable frock and wondered down into the underground of X & Y Bar.

Predress, a sustainable fashion network night, was launched!

We had a blast. Amanda Rootsey, Australia’s first ‘eco model’, told us what it was like to work in the ‘big time’ fashion industry (hello Paris!)… and how everything changed when she was diagnosed with cancer. She now only works for businesses that share her eco-outlook on life.

Our good friend, Alice Payne – sustainable fashion expert, also filled us with interesting facts on sustainable fashion. Did you know Australians buy over a billion pieces of clothing per year… and there are only 22.6 million of us!

It was a great night. Everyone was fitted with one of our new sustainable fashion bow ties – made of 100% off-cut leather and vinyl.

We look forward to seeing you at the next one in August!