Upon browsing the standout looks from New York Fashion Week, it was refreshing to find that Green designers had made their rightful mark on the runway.

The designers took sustainable, ‘ecouture’ if you will, design to the next level and dusted away any negative connotations of the eco fashion industry.  Standouts can certainly be credited to the eight designers who showcased from ‘The Green Shows”, a marketing company purely dedicated to the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

Various techniques inclusive of vegetable tanning for leathers, air dying, still dying, utilising organic and recycled materials, and even weaving their own yarn, meant that the garments created effects unattainable by conventional methods.  Our pic of the bunch was definitely the Luiz Valenzuela’s hand-woven, hand-dyed, organic silk dresses. Fabrics for the pieces were sourced from ethical fabric designer, Eve Blossom to create modern feminine silhouettes worthy of a red carpet.

We recommend you have a flick through the websites of the designers, and contributors of the green fashion shows! Valenzuela’s ‘EcoArtFashion’ page will not disappoint.

New York Fashion Week 2012