What a brilliant way to show sustainability! The first Saturday of this month saw one of the biggest festivals in Brisbane, the Teneriffe Festival, offer seven different runways full of many amazing designers including a show solely dedicated to sustainable fashion. It was a winters day blessed by beautiful and cloudless weather which was perfect for the outdoor all-day runway affair. Nestled in a unique alleyway venue, covered by a canopy of lights and surrounded by the inimitable suburb of Teneriffe, fashion lovers and non-lovers alike were thrilled and spoiled by this lovely event.

       Sustainability in fashion: east of grey

      Sustainability in fashion: east of grey

The show functioned not only as a great intro for people who don't know about sustainable fashion but introduced new ideas for those who have been already conscious. The whole show was presented by Emerge Australia, which supports local designers for sustainable fashion. The runway was decorated with the scraps of Peppermint magazine and it was absolutely eco.

The exciting part was the styling event that four designers and stylists got 30 minutes to create a dress from recycled and repurposed fabrics and tools. Wonderful sustainabile designers east of grey called it ‘Game of Thrones’ and what she did was absolutely amazing. She pinned and stapled all the scratches uniquely and made a fantastic dress. Who could have imagined that?!

There are so many ways to be a sustainable fashionista. Buying ethical fashion brands, fairtrade, vintages and upcycles, or recycling or buying nothing new… But, hey from mere textile scratches, it would be a sustainable fashion. Reducing waste is also important for sustainable fashion. This show introduced that to everyone!

Yes, Australia has been a global leader in environmental studies and many people are conscious about the issues… so now it is time for being a global leader for sustainable fashion as well.