I'm sure by now you have heard about Triple J’s Jacket Off campaign, but if you haven't, please allow me to edify the two or three of you who have just returned from summer harvest in Amish country about this enormously popular charity crusade. The memorable slogan, popularised by radio presenter Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougal, asks listeners to donate jumpers, cardigans or any old clothing to charity for people who are most in need.

Those of you who are familiar with Undress will know that an important facet of fashion sustainability is recycling and reusing. It is one of the easiest ways to help and we are proud to show our support for Triple J’s Jacket Off. It is a cause which is close to our hearts and we urge you to do your part. Any small donation can make an enormous difference.

  Paul Furness with Christian Winch of Undress Runways

Paul Furness with Christian Winch of Undress Runways

Paul Furness of Brisbane's Ball Park Music took the time to chat with Undress about his love of jackets, jacketing off and their support of the campaign.

“We love using op-shops, it is our way of supporting these charities by giving back. Donating our old clothing is a great way to kind of start the cycle again”.

“It is so easy to accumulate an excessive wardrobe of clothing that you just don’t use, all of us were more than happy to get involved in Jacket Off”.

“Most of us like to jacket off regularly, but I think it is time for those in abstinence to do their part, even the smallest donation can make a massive difference”.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society is one of the many organisations who can use these donations to make a direct impact. Through them a donation of a jacket sold for $37 could provide a hot meal for ten people and a $98 donation will buy a week's groceries for a struggling family.

"We are grateful for the amazing support of Triple J and the bands donating their clothing so we can raise these much needed funds" explains Vincent de Paul Society spokesperson Renee Mansfield.

So please, dust off those old jackets, flick off the moth balls and undress your wardrobe for a great cause.