What do you do when you have a sea of clothes, shoes and accessories that you no longer need accumulated in your closet? Well, you should SWOP them!

SWOP Clothing Exchange is an amazing shop where you can easily find a sustainably sourced collection of vintage and preloved clothes and accessories. Its concept is very simple, yet innovative: it buys from the public and resells to the public.

Clothing exchange has become increasingly popular among a network of savvy and eco-minded trend setters. It is a really fun and sustainable action that helps reduce fashion waste and celebrate retro fashion styles. Nowadays, the practices of fast fashion industry have cost great damages to the environment and to the garment factory workers. If the clothes are not made sustainably, they can become the products of countless chemicals that would be harmful to the air, earth and water. By swapping your clothes, you are engaged in the participation of a sustainable and collaborative economy, it has proved to have a positive impact on the environment as it diverts materials from landfill, thus conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling  your clothes, rather than buying new ones,  not only saves your money, but also reduces the demands for water, energy and raw material, thus reducing the impact on the environment. The clothing exchange is an enjoyable exercise in sustainable fashion and a super way to update your wardrobe for very little cost.

Two eco-minded entrepreneurs Brigid and Bethany, the owners and founders of SWOP, discovered the idea of clothing exchange when they were travelling in the USA. They are inspired by the idea of swapping pieces with locals and fashionistas, and carrying threads of unique stories with them along the way. They realised that clothes swapping is 'a beautiful simplicity in salvaging garments that is at once creative and resourceful, kind to the Earth and still friendly on the wallet.'

So how does SWOP work? They buy wearable vintage and modern apparel and accessories every Friday from 10am to 5pm. The clothing and accessories need to be clean, undamaged and in excellent conditions. They would offer you cash at 25% of the sale price or 50% in store SWOP credit. Please note that SWOP does not buy products of fast fashion brands, such as Valley Girl, Temt and Supre etc..

What are you waiting for? Come to SWOP and engage in an exercise that supports sustainable fashion!

SWOP Clothing Exchange 

Where: 93 Boundary St, West End, 4101

Opening hours : Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 5 pm, Friday 10am - 9 pm and Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 3 pm