Earlier this year we were on the hunt.. a hunt for the hottest faces of Brisbane.. and my oh my, did we find a few!

Finding the newest Faces of Undress Brisbane took place in April, where we did an initial call-out with ‘Wanted’ style posters dispersed throughout Brisbane. We also had a feature in mX Newspaper with these hotties.

The casting had an amazing turn out, which made deciding on the final four particularly difficult! We were after two males and two females with a bit of a personality and real x-factor.
After a long deliberation the Undress Brisbane team are please to announce the final Faces of Undress Brisbane 2013.

Aicha Robertson / Ben Truesdale / James Parrish / Jazmin Foster-Macready

These fantastic new faces have shown their true model skills which will be exhibited on the annual poster to be released very very soon.

You should also look out for these guys on the Undress Brisbane 2013 runway on the 12th of October.