Ethical Clothing Australia has condemned the recent decision by the Federal Government to cut its funding. Part of the Australian Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industry (TCF), they are an important feature within Australian fashion. With its focus on fair work, environmentally friendly clothing and sustainability, they serve as a vital intermediary between production and consumption.

Together with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia, Ethical Clothing Australia work to ensure that the rights of homeworkers are being protected and that they are receiving the Award rates and entitlements. They are also one of the few independent body’s that work to promote ethical working conditions throughout the supply chain, endeavouring to protect the rights of both Australian factory workers and homeworkers (also known as outworkers).

Secretary of ECA's Committee, Michele O’Neil, stated that “This is a shocking and short sighted decision by the Abbott government. It directly hurts some of Australia’s lowest paid and most exploited workers. The government is attempting to hide the slashing of funding to this organisation behind so-called red tape. It’s the opposite; it’s a green light to exploitation.”

To read more about ECA and TCF, follow this link to ECA's website.